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4-Column Hydraulic Press

Phoenix Hydraulic Presses specializes in 4-Column presses up to 300 tons with footprints as small as 2 ft. x 2 ft. and as large as 8 ft. by 8 ft. These can be built as tool-room type presses with simple, straightforward controls, or as high-speed productions units with servo-proportional controls and precise control of tonnage and position.

Our large 4-Column presses are packed with standard features that boast robustness and reliability. The bed, platen (flat platform) and crown are heavily-ribbed welded steel construction and fully stress relieved. The platen and bed will be flat and parallel to each other, and are designed for minimal deflection under full tonnage. 

We use extra-long guide bushings to reduce platen tilt, which controls platen parallelism. And platen bushings are precision in-line bored and fitted to posts to assure smooth platen movement. 

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