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Standard Hydraulic Presses

C-Frame Hydraulic Bench Press

Phoenix Hydraulic Presses’ PHX series is a versatile workhorse for industrial applications. Our proven, robust design is used in countless applications and industries, and will give you years of dependable, worry-free service. Our frames are proudly made in the USA and backed with a five-year warranty for materials and workmanship. The PHX series presses can be provided with optional mounting benches and are easily accessorized with items such as guarding and light curtains.

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The other advantage to the PHX series that complements our philosophy that “each press is built-to-order” is that we can customize the PHX to suit your application. Whether it’s a few more inches of daylight, a wider bed plate, or a little more cylinder stroke, we can usually accommodate those needs without significantly impacting cost or delivery.

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