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H-Frame Hydraulic Press

It seems like the majority of H-Frame Hydraulic presses in the marketplace today have catalog specs and are manufactured cheaply. We believe our niche is to provide you with an H-Frame press that is heavy duty and robust, and maybe doesn’t fit the dimensions of a “catalog” press.  

Whether you need a different daylight, ram stroke or working width, Phoenix Hydraulic Presses will design and fabricate an H-Frame to meet your specifications. It could be a small bench top 10-ton press, a monstrous 200-ton press, or anywhere in between — Phoenix can match your requirements.

Phoenix can also incorporate automation or safety features into an H-Frame Hydraulic press. This would include two-hand tie-down control, interlocked machine guarding, and powered bed or bolster movement.

Most of our H-Frame projects utilize ram cylinders and pump units that are rated for use up to 10,000 PSI.  For that type of project, Phoenix Hydraulic Presses proudly partners with PowerX International for cylinders and pump units.

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