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We’ve Been Keeping Busy

Phoenix Hydraulic Presses has built more than 1,200 presses over the past 36 years for more than 100 clients. Here is some of our recent work.

H-Frame Hydraulic Press

Phoenix completed this 200T H-Frame press with an extra-heavy duty, hydraulically-powered bed in fall 2022. The size and weight of the customer’s workpiece precluded the use of any of the standard “catalog” 200-ton  presses on the marketplace. We were able to provide the client a customized solution for their application. 

Custom C-Frame Floor Press

This 80-ton press was designed to fit with the customer’s existing die-set in a metal forming application. It was furnished complete with guarding and light curtains. With our large and accommodating assembly area, we were even able to host the customer for a run-off using their parts at our facility.  

Horizontal Hydraulic

Phoenix completed this 75-ton horizontal press for a new customer in the Northeast in early 2023. To save floorspace, we mounted the hydraulic unit above the press frame, and enclosed it with sound-attenuating panels. The press came complete with a remote operator station with a touchscreen for control of all the setpoints, and analog display of position and tonnage.

12-Ton Hydraulic Press

Phoenix recently delivered this 12-ton press to a customer that was in need of replacing their aging 12-ton press. Phoenix customized the design to fit their tooling, and installed guarding and light curtains for increased safety. We were able to test-run the press with materials from the customer, ensuring proper operation before it ever left our facility.

Custom C-Frame Hydraulic Press

Phoenix built two 20-ton custom C-Frame presses for a Midwest manufacturer of exercise equipment in 2022.  The press is equipped with a removable bolster plate and a two-post guided tooling plate. Side guarding and a set of light curtains were included to maximize safe operation of the equipment.

H-Frame Shop Press

In 2022, Phoenix delivered this 10-ton H-Frame shop press to a customer in the Northeast. This press was customized with a workbench, guarding, two-hand tie-down, anti-rotation device, stroke adjustment, and a digital pressure gauge.

C-Frame Hydraulic Press

In 2021, Phoenix delivered nine of these 50-ton C-Frame presses to a new customer. To best suit their application requirements, we used a hydraulic circuit similar to our PHX series, but built it into a heavy-duty-floor style frame. The presses were also custom painted to match the customer’s specification.

Custom Compact Hydraulic Press

Phoenix recently delivered this 300-ton custom compact 4C press to a customer in Michigan. Because there is the possibility of their parts fracturing and becoming projectiles, the entire workspace is enclosed with steel plates. The front door is hinged with a safety latch and extra-thick polycarbonate window. Interior workspace light was also provided.

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